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Sia is still under fire for calling for her first film Maddie Ziegler, the star of her music videos, to play the role of a young autistic. In an internet discussion, the Australian will have gone too far Sia gave an interview to the “Sunday Morning Herald” newspaper, in which she lamented the reaction she had to the critics of her new film, “Music”. The singer was heavily criticized on social networks for listing Maddie Ziegler, the star of her music videos, for the role of a young autistic. Sia’s critics wanted this role to be given to an actress within the autism spectrum – and even created a petition for the film’s release to be cancelled, which collected over 7,000 signatures. “In retrospect, I should have kept my mouth shut,” said the author of ‘Chandelier’. “It was three in the morning and I have a rule: do nothing very…

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The director of “The Rings’ Saga” addresses one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of ‘fab four’ in “The Beatles: Get Back”. “I hope it will make you smile and bring the joy we need so much in these difficult times”. A short teaser was released for Peter Jackson’s new documentary about the Beatles, “Get Back”. The director of “Lord of the Rings” intends to “transport the audience back in time to the intimate recording sessions of the Beatles during a key moment in the history of music”. The documentary is scheduled to premiere on August 27, 2021, after it was postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic. “Get Back” is now in editing stage. See the teaser:

The year ends with an Iggy Pop song about the pandemic. “I wanted to do something direct, not too emotional or profound” Entitled ‘Dirty Little Virus’, the theme contains verses such as “Grandfather’s dead / Got Trump instead”. The “godfather of punk” also shared a video where he explains the genesis of this theme: “I wanted to write a direct letter, nothing too emotional or deep, more like journalism”, he says. “If there was a ‘Man of the Year’, it would be the virus. So I wrote the lyrics about it”. See Iggy Pop’s explanations and listen to ‘Dirty Little Virus’: