Famous Musicians and Celebrities and their first kisses

Famous Musicians and Celebrities and their first kisses

First kisses can be the strangest experience we have had in our lives so far. No one knows what they are doing and nerves are on edge.

It’s not as bad as the day you lose your virginity but it is definitely up there. It’s scary and you know you don’t have the skill of a sexe gratuit star.

But we all gotta start somewhere right?

Some of these stars’ first kissing experience is no different than everyone else’s.

Others had an embarrassing moment they just wish they could forget or even take it back.

Kaley Cuoco recently revealed that her first kiss was actually very sweet and a positive experience, unlike many of the other celebrities on the list!

Kaley Cuoco

The actress revealed that her first kiss was actually very sweet and an experience and positive, unlike many of the other celebrities on the list!

In an interview, she told that it happened at the filming of a Disney movie she was shooting as a teenager, and the young gentleman involved was one of her cast mates.

She didn’t reveal his name, but said, “I had a big crush on him. He was very cute, actually. He was adorable.”

Cuoco said he took her out and made her feel totally comfortable.

Unfortunately, he ended up getting fired, so it didn’t end well for him!

Cuoco joked, “It ended well for me. I had a great kiss. I didn’t get fired. It was great.”

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show and shared her horrible, but sadly typical first kiss story.

It happened at her 13th birthday party during a game of spin the bottle.

Blunt told Kimmel that she had heard of the concept of kissing on the mouth, but thought it was strange.

When the bottle she chose pointed to a boy named Ashley Clark, she gave him a kiss but was horrified by the wet encounter.

The actress says she then discreetly wiped her mouth.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was about 12 years old when he had his first kiss.

They were in the snow together, sitting on a hill, and it was late when the “really awkward” kiss happened.


According to her first boyfriend, Beyoncé had her first kiss with him at a Brian McKnight concert when she was 13.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis’ first kiss was with Ashton Kutcher on an episode of That’ 70s Show.

The two are now married and have two children.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift revealed that she was one of the last in her group of friends to kiss a boy.

She said it was sweet and that she dated him for a year after that.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid first kissed a boy when she was 14 or 15.

They both wore braces and she says it was awkward and they did it to get it over with.

Billie Eilish

After Billie Eilish had her first kiss at a concert, the boy turned to her and said, “Wow, it was definitely not as magical as I thought it would be.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry had her first kiss during a game of spin the bottle in sixth grade.

She said that kissing wasn’t exactly an art form at that age and that it felt like her mouth had been “invaded by a slug.”

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had her first kiss with none other than Justin Timberlake at the age of 12, in response to a challenge.

The two worked together on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club at the time, and even dated in their late teens.

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